The original product off our copper pot still. First distilled in 2013, this is a double distilled version of our Tankhouse Ale. With an enormous amount of cascade hops added into the second distillation, this spirit offers subtle fruity and floral aromatics and a smooth malt character on the palate. Enjoy it alongside a pint of Tankhouse for the true German experience of Bierschnaps.

Distilled from Tankhouse Ale. Subtle fruity and floral aromatics from Cascade hops on the nose and lasting through the finish. Smooth malt character on the palate. An enormous amount of Cascade hops are added in the Spirit Still. After distillation, this schnaps is aged on oak to impart a copper colour and oak flavour. Cascade hop aromas of grapefruit and rose petal with a vanilla kiss on the nose. Sweet, oaky and floral flavours.

Tasting Notes: Sweet, oak, floral, malt
Appearance: Warm reddish brown
Aroma: Grapefruit, rose, geranium, oak, vanilla


Tankhouse Ale (water, barley malt, hops, yeast), Cane Sugar, Cascade hops

ABV: 45
Style: Bierschnaps