Brewmaster’s Notes

This beer was brewed for spring.  We wanted to achieve a balance of winter baking spice and sunny and floral flavours that spoke to the dynamic relationship between winter and summer in Canada.  This is a very unusual beer.  Black pepper is a classic saison spice and the use of the lemon, anise and chamomile were all additions based upon cask beers that we have done over the years that represented various seasons in my mind.  This is a very lightly flavoured beer but one that is made up many different small flavours that weave together to make a truly unique flavour profile.

Brewed with traditional saison yeast, this style of “farmhouse” beer from Belgium was traditionally brewed in the winter and aged until the summer and often had a characteristic “spicy” and lightly medicinal flavour from the combination of the yeast and spices used to produce it.  Ours uses black pepper, chamomile, lemon puree and star anise in order to weave a unique tapestry of flavours that speak to the changing seasons and offer a glimpse at the warmer weather ahead.

Tasting Notes: Light licorice and lemon on the nose with a light floral/spicy note.  Palate is malty with a licorice underpinning the dry, acidic lemon thread.  Finish is complex and lingering with floral/citrus and earthy anise notes.
Appearance: Blonde and lightly hazy with a white head.
Aroma: Chamomile, lemon and licorice.
Serving Suggestions: Goat cheese, soft ripened cow’s milk cheese, seafood, particularly mussels.

Hops Variety: NZ Pacific Gem
Malt Variety: Pale barley malt, munich malt, flaked wheat, caramel malt
Yeast: Saison
Special Ingredients: Lemon puree, star anise, cracked black pepper, chamomile

ABV: 5.0
IBU: 15
Glassware: Tulip pint glass
Style: Saison
Serving Temp: 6-8 deg C