Pumpkin Ale

Nightmare Pumpkin Ale

Brewmaster’s Notes

I had no idea how to make this beer, so I asked my wife for her pumpkin pie recipe and based it on that! Great pie translates into great beer as it turns out! A modern interpretation of the old pioneer brews from the American colonies in the late 17th and 18th Centuries made using pumpkin, because malt was scarce. Might be the best Mill Street beer name ever…!

Appearing in the fall, this devilishly delicious ale is brewed with real pumpkin and generous amounts of spice. This smooth, medium bodied amber ale is made with a blend of 5 malts, 6 spices, unmalted wheat, pure vanilla extract and pumpkin in the mash. Its spicy aroma with hints of ginger and clove leave a lingering “pumpkin pie” aftertaste.

Tasting Notes: Very distinctly “pumpkin” pie flavoured with a mellow body and drying finish. Spicy first taste gives way quickly to smooth vanilla tones and nice malt undercurrents.
Appearance: Medium amber/orange
Aroma: Baking spices and fresh yeast
Body: Medium
Serving Suggestions: Spiced cake, pumpkin pie, gingerbread cookies

Hops Variety: US Nugget, German Tettnanger
Malt Variety: Pale, wheat, caramel, biscuit, chocolate, flaked wheat
Yeast: American Ale

ABV: 5.0
IBU: 18
Glassware: Tulip Pint Glass
Style: Spiced Beer
Serving Temp: 4-6 deg C