Lemon Tea Beer

Lemon Tea Beer

Brewmaster’s Notes

My family comes from England and I drink almost as much tea in a day (and sometimes more!) than I do beer, so it was a natural to design a beer incorporating two of my favorite beverages! This beer is a study in perseverance since the first brew was a bit of a nightmare with the loose tea swelling up and blocking all of the valves and hoses on the ageing tank. We got it fixed, and then changed our tea handling technique to make our brewers’ lives manageable. We work with real, raw materials at Mill Street, which means we don’t cut corners with extracts or essences, and you can really taste the difference with beers like this. Our Lemon Tea Beer has been copied since it was first released in 2009, but there is no beating the original!

A remarkably refreshing wheat beer infused with a blend of Orange Pekoe and Earl Grey teas, and real lemon juice. It pours a light amber colour and will surprise you with its sweetness, sublime tea flavour and subtle lemon twist.

Tasting Notes: Light amber in colour with a rocky white head; sweet malt and tea; lemon that appears mid-palate and then fades back into tea in the aftertaste
Appearance: Slightly cloudy light amber with bright white head
Aroma: Lemon, tea, cereal
Body: Medium
Serving Suggestions: Soft goat cheese, sushi, salad with citrus or vinaigrette dressing

Hops Variety: German Hersbrucker
Malt Variety: Pale, Wheat malt, Caramel malt
Yeast: American Ale

ABV: 5.0
IBU: 20
Glassware: Wide Mouth Tulip
Style: North American Wheat
Serving Temp: 2-4 deg C