Barley Wine

Barley Wine

Brewmaster’s Notes

A truly contemplative brew. This is a beer that is near to my heart as it reminds me of being in County Dorset in the south of England during the late 1980s at a brewery that was famous for their Barley Wines— Eldridge Pope in Dorchester. I was with the woman who later became my wife who lived nearby; we bought bottles of Barley Wine to keep and drink later when we were “old”. Eldridge Pope Brewery in Dorchester is now gone, and the two bottles that we have left are now orphans that will be kept for a very special occasions when we are “old” together. Most beer styles I consider to be very immediate and transient–the stuff of everyday life. Barley Wines are designed to be momentous and make you stop and think. Mill Street Barley Wine holds true to this tradition.

Barley Wines are traditional winter brews that originate from England. These robust ales are long-aged and can be enjoyed for years to come. English and Canadian malts, aromatic hops and careful ageing in whiskey barrels make our Barley Wine a complex and multi-facetted gem.

Tasting Notes: Rich malt and sweet alcohol tones start out with fruit esters and hop tones woven throughout. Vanilla/sherry tones from start to finish with a rich tapestry of dried fruit flavours combining with cinnamon threads from bourbon whiskey barrel ageing. Dry finish with long lingering alcohol warmth and incredible complexity.
Appearance: Medium amber with pale fawn head
Aroma: Caramel malts and alcohol, ester and hop notes
Body: Full
Serving Suggestions: Stilton, cow’s milk blue, roasted nuts

Hops Variety: Various by year
Malt Variety: Maris Otter, Caramel, Munich
Yeast: American Ale

ABV: ~10
IBU: 45
Glassware: Closed Mouth Tulip/Snifter
Style: Barley Wine
Serving Temp: 8-10 deg C