Rodeo Monk

Rodeo Monk

Brewmaster’s Notes

This is a style of beer that I first came across on the west coast and have been intrigued by ever since.  We make a number of yeast-forward beers at Mill Street that include Belgian and German styles of wheat beers and we have made many different styles of IPA over the years and the idea of fusing the two designs together is something I had never thought to do on my own.  The increasing availability of new “fruit” flavoured hop varieties coming from the American west coast coupled with the peardrop/banana/clove flavours of Belgian wheat beers is such a natural marriage that the beers in this family of “Belgian White IPA’s” are pretty universally wonderful.  I chose a combination of traditional European hops and new American hybrids to make this truly a combination of old world and new world flavours.  I think it is one of the best beers we have ever made at Mill Street and I really hope you like it.

Brussels meets Boise, Idaho with this Belgian-American IPA!  Taking the best of traditional Belgian Witbier and roping it together with cowboy-level American craft IPA design, our new “White IPA” is the best of both worlds.  Made with five varieties of hops from Europe and USA, pale wheat and barley malts and left unfiltered with Belgian witbier yeast still in it, brewing this bad-boy was as much fun as a cattle drive in a monastery! Dern tootin’!

Tasting Notes: Combination of herbal, floral and fruity IPA hops aromas with an underpinning of light peardrop sweetness.  Lightly sweet palate that is quite soft and textured due to wheat malt use.  Long, complex finish with notes of apricot, pears in syrup and tropical fruit but  finally finishing dry.
Serving Suggestions: Strawberry spinach salad, mussels, white fish, bloomy rind goats milk cheese, cow’s milk brie or medium hard mountain cheese or washed-rind cow’s milk cheese.

Hops Variety: NZ Pacific Gem, UK Fuggles, GR Hersbrucker, US Mosaic, US Eldorado
Malt Variety: Pale 2-row barley malt, pale wheat malt, flaked wheat
Yeast: Belgian Wit

ABV: 7.0
IBU: 30
Glassware: Thistle bulb glass
Style: Hybrid American wheat IPA brewed with Belgian witbier yeast.
Serving Temp: 4-6 deg C