Minimus Dubbel

Minimus Dubble

Brewmaster’s Notes

This beer represents a whole pile of characteristics that sum up what I consider great beer. It is sumptuous and over the top in many of its characteristics but it has an underlying fruity softness and acidic subtlety that makes it one of the best beers that I have ever designed, full stop. Baby brother to the Maximus Quad–you have to try them both!

This is a classical dark brown Belgian abbey-style beer made with a variety of malts and traditional Belgian candy sugar. It has a soured mash in order to give it a slight acidity to offset the sweetness of the malt and the sugar and has aged hops used in it which is traditional for this style of beer (it uses German organic Tettnangers from 2006 crop). The Minimus also has French oak infusion spirals in it to give it an oaky softness that is also typical of these beers. The name is from the latin expression “minima maxima sunt”

Hops Variety: German Tettnanger–aged
Malt Variety: Maris Otter, Flaked Wheat, Roast Barley
Yeast: Belgian Abbey

Hops Variety:
US grown Organic Cascade
Malt Variety:
Canadian Organic pale 2-row barley malt and US grown Organic caramel and Organic munich malts
Lager yeast

ABV: 8.5
IBU: 21
Glassware: Chalice/Thistle
Style: Belgian Abbey Dubbel
Serving Temp: 4-8 deg C