Environmental Initiatives
and Charity


Who We Are

Mill Street Brewery is a local Toronto craft brewery committed to brewing award-winning beers while implementing environmentally sustainable practices and initiatives

What We Are Doing

As the largest producer of certified organic beer in Canada, Mill Street has switched to North American organic malt from European organic malt for our flagship Original Organic Lager in order to reduce shipping distances

Constantly exploring local and seasonal raw ingredients for use in our beer. (ongoing initiative).
Oct 2013 update: 100% of our certified organic pale barley malt is Canadian grown & processed. Barley is grown in SK & AB, and malted in Thunder Bay, Ontario.


Switched from bagged organic malt to bulk organic malt to eliminate packaging material

Most of our bottles have silk-screened labels which allows us to save energy and resources when re-using and washing bottles

We strive to increase the efficiency of our production process in order to get the maximum use out of our ingredients and energy expenditure

Eliminated all phosphorus-based cleaning chemicals and replaced them with environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals.

Installed a heat recovery system on the brewhouse’s kettle stack. Recovered energy is used to heat >15,000 litres per day of water to 90°C without any additional energy input. This water will be used in the brewing process and for equipment cleaning.


Waste Diversion system now online: We continually improve our plastic & cardboard recycling program, as employees have taken ownership and made huge strides in trying to reduce our waste to landfill.

Returned packaging waste material is bundled and shipped off for recycling (includes cardboard and shrink wrap).

All our skid wrap is made of 100% compostable & biodegradable material

Our bottles are designed for maximum re-use. Our bottles are sorted and returned in partnership with the Beer Store.

2014 Update

Mill Street has been working with Enbridge Gas to reduce our consumption. The savings shown are based on 2013’s consumption so we will actually save more every year that we produce more. Enbridge will pay up to 50% of a project based on how much gas we save.

Here is a basic rundown of what we have done so far:

1. Purchased and Installed high efficiency Heat Exchanger for our brewing water

2. Insulated heat exchanger and hot liquor tank

3. Insulated exposed steam lines throughout plant

4. Insulated Steam main and header inside boiler room

Estimated Gas Savings: 105,917 cubic meters per year

Cost Savings (@ $0.30/m3): $31,775.15 annually

Total Project Cost: $16,605.00

Enbridge Rebate: $8,302.00

Payback Period: 0.26 years

Currently working on another project to replace our current boiler blow down tank with a unit that has heat recovery built in. The benefits are:

1. Pre-heat our boiler feed water before it enters the tank

2. Cool our blow down water before it goes to drain

3. Capture flash steam from blow down and utilize steam to further heat our boiler feed water tank

Here are my expectations coming out of this project (December 2014):

Estimated Gas Savings: 16,878 cubic meters per year

Cost Savings (@ $0.30/m3): $5,063.40 annually

Total Project Cost: $12,490

Enbridge Rebate: $6,245.00 ** (Specialty rebate based on current Enbridge campaign)

Payback Period: 1.23 years

If you group it all together as “2014 Gas Savings” it will look something like this:

Estimated Gas Savings: 122,795 cubic meters per year

Cost Savings (@ $0.30/m3): $36,838.55 annually

Total Project Cost: $29,095.00

Enbridge Rebate: $14,547

Payback Period: 0.39 years