Brewmaster’s Notes

We brewed this beer in the early winter of 2015 in our Ottawa brewpub as a very high level specialty beer using blonde malts and organic cane sugar.  I love champagne and the idea of making a beer with that level of elegance and texture is something that I have been thinking about for a long time.  During our first pilot brew a waterproof flashlight got dropped into the mash tun during the transfer of the mash to the lauter tun and the light stayed on and kept tumbling throughout the mash and occasionally breaking the surface to light up the mash tun like a search light only to disappear again.  We fished the flashlight out of the tank but, the “enlightened” name for this beer was born!  This beer is back-blended with our Belgian-style Frambozen and develops a light raspberry/rose note and a light peachy blush colour.  This is celebration beer designed for the holiday season but tastes just as nice when shared with friends on any given Thursday night.

Mill Street’s celebration-style beer, this is a highly carbonated 11% alc. Ale bottled in 750 ml  Champagne bottles and released in time for the holiday season.  A very “moussy” beer with a wonderfully creamy body and light peachy-sunset colour, this has a very light and fruity nose with a balanced palate and medium-dry finish.  Blended with our famous Frambozen Bier from our Toronto pub brewery, this beer has a light and fresh raspberry flavour that makes it taste like summer in a glass.

Tasting Notes: Light raspberry/yeasty aroma with creamy and expanding mouthfeel followed by drying finish with estery yeast notes and more raspberry on the finish.
Appearance: Pale amber/sunset
Aroma: Light fruit/raspberry
Serving Suggestions: Aperitif, light strawberry salads, fruit flan deserts, bloomy rind cow’s milk cheese such as Camembert and Brie

Hops Variety: New Zealand Pacific Gem, US Eldorado
Malt Variety: Pale 2-row, flaked wheat
Yeast: French Champagne yeast
Special Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, blended with Frambozen Bier made with whole raspberries.

ABV: 11
IBU: 30
Glassware: Thistle stem glass
Style: Belgian-style “Champagne” Beer
Serving Temp: 2-4 deg C