Brewmaster’s Notes

This traditional Belgian-style farmhouse ale is brewed using a blend of yeasts including Brettanomyces or “Brett” to give it a unique aroma and flavour reminiscent of a bygone era. With notes of black cherry and spice, the lightly fruity and refreshing tartness blends with the caramel malt flavours and funky woodiness of French oak contact to make this a real Old World Classic.​

Tasting Notes: Earthy, woody and plum nose with a softly acidic palate and “cherry candy” flavour with a delicate caramel tone and a drying, oaky finish.
Appearance: Hazy, reddish amber with a fawn-coloured head.
Aroma: Earthy, oaky, fruity and complex.
Body: Medium
Serving Suggestions: Washed rind cheese, Oka, Gloucester, walnut-cranberry vinaigrette green salad, fruit and nut torte.

Hops Variety: English Goldings variety hops and Czech Saaz hops
Malt Variety: Pale malt, Caramunich, chocolate malt and roasted barley
Yeast: Mixed ale and Brettanomyces

ABV: 6.2
IBU: 20
Glassware: Thistle or Stemmed Snifter
Style: Belgian farmhouse ale
Serving Temp: 4-6 deg C