Stock Ale

Stock Ale

Brewmaster’s Notes

Our Stock Ale was inspired by old school Canadian golden ales. “Stock Ale” was (and still is!) the term used by Canadian big breweries to refer to the best beer in their breweries before dilution or blending. This is one of the best “lawn mower” beers in the country!

A golden export-style ale made from only malt and hops, no fillers or adjuncts. A brilliant golden colour gives a “sparkling” appearance as the gas escapes from the glass. The natural sweetness of the malt is perfectly balanced by the bitterness derived from the hops. This beer represents the way blonde ales were made 100 years ago.

Tasting Notes: A dusting of hops in the nose; light malt flavour in perfect balance with hop bitterness
Appearance: Pale Gold with white head
Aroma: Slightly sweet cereal/bread
Body: Medium
Serving Suggestions: Chili, oven-roasted turkey sandwich with mustard, cheddar cheese, corn on the cob

Hops Variety: US Nugget
Malt Variety: Pale 2-row barley malt
Yeast: American Ale

ABV: 5.0
IBU: 10
Glassware: Pint Shaker
Style: North American Ale
Serving Temp: 2-4 deg C