Organic Lager

Original Organic Lager

Brewmaster’s Notes

The heartbeat of our brewery–this was the first beer that we ever brewed back in 2002 when we opened our doors. Where other breweries have come along and copied us, the idea of making an organic beer was a precept of our company and it still represents that spirit of doing the right thing that governs everything that we do here at Mill Street.

This 100% all natural, certified organic lager was Ontario’s first organic lager. Brewed with imported malt and hops, this 4.2% European-style lager offers a light, crisp and refreshing flavour with a clean finish.

Tasting Notes: Delicate floral-herbal aroma; light palate with malty flavour, balanced by a hint of hoppy bitterness.
Appearance: Pale Straw with bright white foam head
Aroma: Light cereal/hop
Body: Light/medium
Palate: Pale malt with bready/light hop
Serving Suggestions: Seafood, Light Pasta, Chicken and Cheese platters


Hops Variety: Pacific Gem & Wakatu (New Zealand Grown Organic)
Malt Variety: Canadian Organic 2-row Barley Malt
Yeast: German Lager


ABV: 4.2
IBU: 11
Glassware: Pilsner Pint Glass
Style: European-style Lager
Serving Temp: 2-4 deg C