The 2018 Canadian Brewpub Pack offers a collection of local favourites originally crafted at Mill Street Brewpubs across the country.

Capelin Hound | Session IPA | ABV: 4.2%                                      Inspired by summer nights on the rocky beaches of Newfoundland, this enthusiastically dry-hopped Session IPA originally crafted at our St. John’s Brewpub offers a burst of grapefruit and melon aromas.

Chuckwagon Wheat | Hefeweizen| ABV: 5.3%                            With spicy banana aromas, subtle malt sweetness and a dry finish, Chuckwagon Wheat was one of the first beers poured at our Calgary Brewpub and has been a local favourite ever since!

Imperial Pilsner | Imperial Pilsner | ABV: 7.0%                            Our Imperial Pilsner is a collision of Bohemian and Bock bier styles.  Brewed with a duet of Canadian and European hops and malts, this beer delivers the best of both worlds!

Tunney’s Porter | Brown Porter | ABV: 4.5%                                Named after Tunney’s Pasture just west of our Ottawa Brewpub, the mellow nuttiness and light caramel flavours of this sessionable Brown Porter make it the perfect cap to a long day of work.

July Talk | California Common | ABV: 5.0%                                  Born from a collaboration between July Talk and our Toronto Beer Hall, this beer was crafted to perfectly pair with long summer conversations.

Altbier | Altbier | ABV: 5.2%                                                              This classic German style from the brewers at our Toronto Brewpub beautifully balances toasted malt flavours alongside a dry, lightly hopped finish.