Brewmaster’s Notes

I love this style of beer because it has such a strange history and is such an amalgamation of many styles from Germany over the years. And it’s delicious! It is a dark bock beer made with wheat so it is very similar to the way that the original bocks made originally in the northern German free-town or “Freiburg” of Einbeck would have tasted. The Bavarians later adopted this style of bock beer and made it with barley malt and lager yeast but this wheat based, ale style was brought back into fashion by a Munich brewer in the late 1800’s and we are better off for it! This is a rare style of beer to find brewed outside of Bavaria!

This is a traditional German-style strong, dark wheat beer brewed for winter. The dominant flavour in this beer comes from imported German yeast. This produces a profound bubble gum and banana aroma and distinct “banana bread” palate that compliments the dark, sweet malts used in this bockbier perfectly. Bottled unfiltered with its yeast still in it, this beer is naturally cloudy and has a creamy texture and richness that is typical of this quintessentially German style.

Tasting Notes: Very sweet, fruity aroma and first taste. Rich chocolate malt palate overlaid with banana/bubblegum esters from yeast. Slightly acidic, drying finish.
Appearance: Dark Amber
Aroma: Bubblegum/Banana bread
Body: Full
Serving Suggestions: Chocolate/fruit desserts, goat’s milk cheese

Hops Variety: German Hersbrucker
Malt Variety: Pale, wheat, caramel, biscuit, chocolate
Yeast: German Wheat

ABV: 7.5
IBU: 22
Glassware: Pilsner Glass
Style: Weizenbock
Serving Temp: 4-8 deg C