Valley Irish Red

Brewmaster’s Notes

This beer from our Ottawa brewpub was made to celebrate the Irish immigrants who came in the 1800’s to dig the Rideau Canal and who later stayed and farmed in the Ottawa Valley. These were the Valley Irish. This Irish Red Ale is a style that predates Stouts coming from England to Ireland. Old Celtic red ales are rich, caramel accented brews that belong to a rugged style made with a delicate touch. We added maple syrup from the Ottawa Valley to the beer to smooth out this Nitrogen-charged beauty and allow us to add more of the spicy, robust hops that make this beer great!

Born at our Ottawa brewpub this is a very traditional Irish-style red ale brewed with pale, biscuit, chocolate and caramel malts to give this beer a round and mellow palate and remarkable drinkability. We use British and American hops in this brew to balance the malt palate. It’s finished by adding a kiss of lanark county maple syrup to complete the smooth and smoky caramel tones of this beautiful Irish-style ale. Charged with a blend of co2 and nitrogen, it pours with a classic pub-pint “cascade”.

Tasting Notes: Rich malt and creamy head and body, medium/dry finish with lingering maple and herbal hop tone. Nirogen charged with appropriate creamy body and texture.
Appearance: Medium amber with pale fawn Nitro head
Aroma: Faint caramel/maple with herbal hop
Body: Medium
Serving Suggestions: Roasted meat, lamb

Hops Variety: US Nugget, US Cascade, US Fuggle
Malt Variety: Pale, Caramel, Biscuit, Flaked Wheat, Roast Barley
Yeast: American Ale

ABV: 4.8
IBU: 21
Glassware: Pint Shaker
Style: Irish Ale
Serving Temp: 4-8 deg C