Brewmaster’s Notes

This is the twisted big brother of our famous pale ale. Tankenstein started its tortured existence as cask beer made at our Toronto pub brewery and quickly took on a life of its own. Based on our Tankhouse Ale, this is simply more of everything–more body, more alcohol and way, way more hops. Like the original casks of Tankenstein it is dry-hopped with a horrendous amount of US-grown Cascade hops to give this beer a very perfumey “grapefruit” and “pine resin” aroma and high bitterness but with the body and rich malt character to back it up and give it a particularly beguiling balance. It’s a beast, but it’s OUR beast…and we think it’s beautiful.

Originating as a cask-only version of our Tankhouse Ale, Tankenstein is a dry-hopped IPA with full body and matching bitterness. It is a perfectly balanced ale with caramel and biscuit malts complementing the dryness of US grown bittering hops but with a massive over-lay of American Cascade hops being added to the tank during ageing to “dry-hop” the beer and give it a wonderful perfumey character. Grapefruit and piney resinous tones are the main contribution of the Cascades and make this a truly classic American-style IPA. It’s ALIVE!!!!!!

Tasting Notes: Very perfumey grapefruit citrus and pine resin aroma of American cascade hops along with rich caramel tones and long, dry, lingering finish. Great complexity and tapestry of flavours that reveal themselves one note at a time when paired with the proper food.
Appearance: Medium amber with light fawn head.
Aroma: Very aromatically hoppy with citrus and piney notes from Cascade hops along with light fruity notes and sweetly caramel undertones.
Body: Medium/full
Serving Suggestions: Asian or carribean curries, smoked beef brisket, grilled lamb, barbequed red meat, carrot cake, mild cow’s milk blue cheese like Cambozola

Hops Variety: US Nugget and US Cascade
Malt Variety: Pale, Munich, Biscuit, Caramel, Chocolate
Yeast: Californian Ale Yeast

ABV: 7.0
IBU: 60
Glassware: Pint Shaker
Style: American IPA
Serving Temp: 4-6 deg C