Spring Imp

Brewmaster’s Notes

This is a classic standard German-style bock beer–nothing fancy and perfect for when you are fed up with it still being snowy in March!

Our Spring Imp is brewed for the season when the monks in Munich would traditionally release them. It is a medium bodied Bockbier brewed to 7% alcohol which has more malt character than our permanent Hellesbock. Brewed with German malt, hops and yeast, the only Canadian ingredient is the water! These strong lager beers are rich in flavour as well as history and will put a twinkle in your eye!

Tasting Notes: Sweet malt aroma and palate with clean overall impression and very low esters and little yeast character
Appearance: Light amber with white head
Aroma: Light amber with white head
Body: Medium
Serving Suggestions: Roast chicken and pork, pate and hard, aged cow’s milk cheese

Malt Variety: Pilsner malt, munich malt, biscuit malt, wheat malt, caramel malt
Yeast: German Lager

ABV: 7.0
IBU: 17
Glassware: Pilsner Glass
Style: German Bock
Serving Temp: 4-6 deg C