Maximus Quad

Brewmaster’s Notes

I love Belgian abbey beers. When I was a young trainee brewer I was spellbound by them and then they drifted away and I focused on other styles. Now that I am a more experienced brewer I find myself being pulled back to them and beginning to brew them for the first time–I wasn’t ready before. I am intrigued by the depth of flavour in them and by how light some of those flavours can be in such massive beers. It is this contrast and contradiction in these styles that make them so fascinating.

Brewed at our Toronto brewpub, Maximus Quadruple is the big brother of the Minimus Dubbel with more of everything! This classic Belgian Abbey-style ale is brewed with a blend of amber malts and Belgian candy sugar, and has a massive palate and is a truly contemplative brew. Aged hops, oak aging and an acidified mash means that this beer has layers of flavour that keep revealing themselves to you throughout your glass and leaving you with a very complex fruity toffee/caramel finish that lingers and makes you sad to see it go!

Tasting Notes:Fruity caramel nose with warming alcohol notes on palate with vanilla and “butterscotch” flavours drifting into a very rich and creamy aftertaste with a drying alcohol warmth.
Appearance: Mid brown with a fawn head
Aroma: Toffee-apple and dried fruit.
Body: Full
Serving Suggestions: Aged cow’s milk mountain cheese, creamy blue, roasted red meat and stew

Hops Variety: US Organic Bravo, German Tettnanger
Malt Variety: Maris-Otter pale ale malt, flaked wheat, roasted barley
Yeast: Belgian Abbey Ale

ABV: 10.0
IBU: 32
Glassware: Chalice
Style: Belgian Abbey-style quadruple
Serving Temp: 6-8 deg C