Lune De Sang Noir

Brewmaster’s Notes

One of my favorite styles is Belgian Noir or Belgian dark ale. They are similar to Belgian dubbels but with a higher hopping rate. I decided to make this one particularly hoppy to offset the high caramel and Belgian candy sugar content in it and to be in line with some of the more hoppy versions that I had been drinking lately from Belgium. This one is also darker than typical because of the fact that it was to be brewed and actively fermenting during the full blood moon eclipse on Sept 27, 2015 in Ottawa. I wanted this to be a deep mahogany, red/black so that it had a colour that lived up to its name. It also has magical powers.

Belgian style dark ale, our Lune de Sang Noir is similar in style to abbey dubbels but with a higher hopping rate and a slightly darker colour. Brewed during a “Blood Moon” lunar eclipse at our Ottawa brewpub, this little devil is 9% abv and a deep mahogany red/black colour and is filtered to show it off. It has a fairly sweet palate and is made with five types of malt including dark caramel and chocolate malts. Belgian candy sugar is added to intensify the sweetness and deep red colour of this beer. It is hopped very lowly in the kettle resulting in a relatively low IBU but very generously hopped in the whirlpool and dry-hopped in the aging tank with US-grown Eldorado hops to give it a very fruity aroma and finish. Finally this beer is aged in contact with toasted French oak to give it a smooth, rich vanilla tone. This is a very substantial, but surprisingly elegant beer.

Tasting Notes: Fruity caramel nose with warming alcohol and hop notes on the palate along with caramel and roasted malt tones and then peaches/apricots and caramel on the finish.
Appearance: Deep mahogany red with a fawn coloured head.  Clear.
Aroma: Rich fruit and caramel tones with apricot and peach mixed in with alcohol and plumcake notes.
Body: Medium/full
Serving Suggestions: Full flavoured nut-based desserts, strong goat and cow’s milk blue cheeses, pate and roasted red meats.

Hops Variety: US Nugget, US Eldorado
Malt Variety: Pale 2-row, wheat malt, Munich malt, Caramunich malt, chocolate malt
Yeast: Belgian Abbey yeast

ABV: 9.0
IBU: 35
Glassware: Tulip stem glass/thistle stem
Style: Belgian dark ale.
Serving Temp: 6-8 deg C