Franconian Bock

Brewmaster’s Notes

I love the part of northern Bavaria in Germany that this style of bock hails from. The brewers in and around Nuremburg and Bamburg make these very mild and well balanced bock beers that are exactly to my liking. Beautiful beers from a beautiful place. We buy our dark and caramel malts from a malting company in Bamburg and they are perfectly suited to making these beers. They aren’t the biggest of bock beers, but they have a substance and a smoothness to them that makes them dangerously drinkable…!

Our Franconian Bock originally hails from the northern Bavarian state of Franconia. It is made with a blend of three malts imported from Franconia, as well as German Hersbrucker hops and German lager yeast. It has a very malty flavour, yet is medium bodied and a very drinkable strong lager beer. It’s mid-amber coloured and extremely soft and round on the palate with a smooth finish that is typical of this style. The Franconian Bock is not as dry as our Mill Street Hellesbock and it will appeal to drinkers who are looking for a more traditional biscuit/caramel palate in this style.

Tasting Notes: Rich dark malt aroma and palate with very restrained yeast esters and very low hopping using highly aromatic noble hops.
Appearance: Dark amber/mahogany with a light fawn head
Aroma: Rich caramel and roasted malts.
Body: Medium
Serving Suggestions: Roast chicken and pork, pate and hard, aged cow’s milk cheese

Hops Variety: US Nugget, German Hersbrucker
Malt Variety: Pilsner malt, Munich Malt, Biscuit Malt, Chocolate malt
Yeast: German Lager

ABV: 7.0
IBU: 17
Glassware: Pilsner Glass
Style: German Bock
Serving Temp: 4-8 deg C