Brewmaster’s Notes

Good Altbiers are hard to find here in North America and so it is still a little heard of style in Canada. It is a German beer style from the northwestern part of Germany near the borders with Holland and Belgium and are centred in the city of Dusseldorf. Once upon a time the vast majority of beer consumed in Dusseldorf was their famous cold-aged or “lagered” ale and it still is consumed there with great vigour. The popularity of lager brewing with its different yeast strain and long, slow, cold processing techniques became very popular in the mid 1800’s in Germany due to the rise of Pilsner coming from the Czech Republic and German copies of it. It was the rise of this “new” lager style that prompted the Dusseldorf brewers to re-christen their beer “Altbier” (“old-style beer” in German)

Altbiers are “old-style” (“Alt” means “old” in German) from the area around Dusseldorf in northern Germany. They are cold-aged ales which are light amber coloured and have a fairly high bitterness level but very low aroma and flavour hopping rates. The result is a very solidly malty but distinctively dry beer with a deep golden/amber colour and a bright white and tight, long-lasting head. Ours is made with 4 types of malt and German hops and yeast.

Tasting Notes: Biscuity malt nose and palate with very light hop overtones in the aroma and palate. Dry, crisp palate with toasted malt and light hopping and slightly hard, dry finish with a very nice balance of light amber malt and aromatic German hops.
Appearance: Deep golden with a bright white head.
Aroma: Light toasted malt and noble German hops
Body: Light
Serving Suggestions: Roast pork, smoked sausage, grilled salmon, aged gouda or Beemster cheese and nut-based desserts like maple walnut or almond cakes.

Hops Variety: German Hersbrucker
Malt Variety: Pale 2-row, biscuit malt, light caramel malt and chocolate malt
Yeast: German Lager

ABV: 5.3
IBU: 31
Glassware: Pilsner Flute
Style: Altbier
Serving Temp: 2-4 deg C